JJP - Marketing Plan

A wedding and lifestyle photographer was moving to a new part of the UK, and looking to fully establish her fledgling business in the local area. Cherry Marketing was commissioned to write a marketing report that reviewed the market place for both Wedding, and Lifestyle photography, and identify the best course of action to take to achieve an increase in enquiries and conversion of those enquiries. The overarching goal was to establish a robust and future-proof plan so that the client could take control of her marketing going forward.

The first task was to identify the macro trends affecting the two markets, to understand the playing field – what was affecting business, affecting the audience’s decision-making, or affecting the competition’s behaviour.

Next we sought key audience insights, these are the truths behind those final decisions in purchasing. This gave us the foundations of a renewed business proposition, allowing us to communicate the correct message to the right audience.  

An overarching marketing strategy was created from this proposition, with micro strategies for each relevant tactic. Once the detail within each tactic had been explained, the report gave a full action list for executing the plan, and an idea of key performance indicators, as well as possible budget ideas for executing the plan.