The Smallest Sheep - Marketing Plan

An online retailer of quality baby gifts commissioned Cherry Marketing to carry out a full marketing plan their business to help increase sales through the website and Facebook, to generate more traffic through the site, and generally to help set the business on a goal towards increased revenue.

In a crowded market place it was important to define the business’s USP so we began by reviewing the internal business proposition, and re-aligning the business offering to ensure its unique-nature was communicated effectively. Part of the re-alignment was suggestions for an updated strap line.

With a redefined proposition and a very thorough review of the marketplace, we were able to create a marketing plan using tools such as social media, CRM and sales promotion tactics to promote the products to the correct audiences.

We then focused specifically on the website –the structure, the UX, the customer experience, and how the brand was communicated through these digital channels. We also showed competitor examples, and produced wire frames to demonstrate how to improve in these areas.

A 10 point implementation plan was given, identifying vital steps that needed to be taken to achieve the objectives. This was also given with a projection of sales required to achieve certain revenue targets.