Care2Improve - CRM

Care2Improve have a unique offering for the care market, the company produces independent satisfaction surveys so organisations can comply with CQC legislation, and they’re one of the only companies that do it in the UK.

The company were using data for prospect mails, and slowly creating a newsletter list from responders and new clients, and contacted Cherry Fusion to help revitalise their CRM plans to improve conversion.

Initially Cherry Marketing reviewed an individual prospect mail, tweaking layout and content using industry tips and tricks to improve conversion rates. “I found that the advice we received from Lydia at Cherry Marketing was detailed, specific, targeted and above all, really helpful. Our early campaigns had fairly low open rates but after Lydia helped us they are consistently higher, with a higher click through rate. Working with Lydia is like working with a trusted colleague; she knows exactly what you are trying to do” – Barbara Harris, Care2Improve owner.

Following the successful first step, Cherry Fusion went on to review their full database activity, and created a new contact strategy that would engage sub-groups of prospects according to their source and behaviour. The plan also included the need for Direct Mail – this comprised of an A5 brochure about the company and a letter, to which we attached a teabag encouraging the incredibly busy prospective care organisation workers to stop, have a cup of tea, and read the pack.

The initial results from the new style prospecting mails show an improvement of 2% increase in open rate and a huge 13% increase in click rates. The full campaign is showing some promising results and has already seen an uplift of 4% in sales since the campaign began.