Cherry Marketing have carried out a few tasks for Traction Charger to date. This includes Sales Presenters, Press Adverts and more recently a new eCommerce website. 

Traction have now engaged Cherry Marketing to carry out their monthly marketing activities. Part of this task is to bring their entire brand in line with the new collateral and website already created, and so one of our first tasks was to create some new business cards for Traction. They incorporate the orange 'swish' device and a new style font - bold, caps and sans serif, a nod towards their mechanical & industrial nature.

The marketing planning began by identifying what makes the company unique in their field. It soon became clear that the company had a strong history in innovation, so strong in fact that they have helped shape the entire industry.  We also established another USP in their position as the only UK-manufacturer of Battery Chargers, and a third in their quality production techniques, which gave their products optimum quality.

These pillars are the foundations of the brand and we set about creating a communication strategy that would incorporate these messages. We engaged with relevant media partners and set up social channels, and then began implementing the plan across all these mediums. 

We created a new advert that helps demonstrate their new proposition, and built a strong media plan to get this message across to the industry. There is also plans for CRM, further collateral and sponsorship that we look forward to implementing. 

The initial results have been very positive, we've had direct enquiries off the back of our first editorial and have seen a positive sentiment around our social messaging.  We look forward to helping Traction Charger grow their brand and reflect their market-leading position.