Twinwall ICF is a new and unique structural walling system that provides outstanding thermal performance, air tightness, extremely low thermal bridging and internal comfort for all building projects from housing to office blocks. The company needed a new website that would easily demonstrate the unique nature of their product, and work to showcase the beautiful imagery of their product being used in houses and other structures.

They also needed a site that would be naturally optimised for search, adaptable so that it looked perfect on all viewing devices, and had a back end data collection system so that they could easily receive enquiries about the product.

With imagery, brochures and a logo all ready, this was a simple project for Cherry Marketing to take on. It was all about ensuring that the product was perfectly reflected in a fresh, scalable website that the client could take on and manage independently.

We used a scrollable homepage that would allow visitors to easily see all the key USPs of the product with no clicks. The information was then expanded on in secondary pages, breaking down the system components with beautifully clear diagrams. Where lots of text was required, we used a full scale background image to help break up the copy. 

Overall we're really pleased with the final result and feel that it meets the brief perfectly - clear, beautiful and fresh. A note from the client: "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services as you're not only very good at your job but also incredibly easy to work with."