A Seminar and Webinar organisation 'This is New Zealand' required an upgrade to their ageing site. It needed to be mobile friendly, effectively communicate the proposition of living and working in New Zealand, and have event functionality.

The organisation had evolved over time and as it was once a Seminar only organisation, it now encompassed Webinars too, which made it multinational. 

There were a few elements that we needed to consider in the development of the new site. We began by considering the user-journey, what people needed to know in the first few minutes of landing on the site, and what their subsequent journey would be. The ultimate goal would be to allow them to book into an event.

We used an integrated event function which allowed events to display beautifully in a calendar. Users could scroll through the months and find details of dates and locations that suited them. We then used an Eventbrite widget to integrate the purchase functionality into each event page.

The site URL was changed to drop the 'Seminar' term, encompassing the wider offering. This required some level of back end SEO to reinstate the positioning of the site. 

The site was crafted with beautiful stock images of New Zealand which captured the essence of why visitors were there in the first place - to realise their dream of living and working in the stunning country of New Zealand.

Work was undertaken to gather content from regional organisations across New Zealand whose purpose it to promote their region to visitors and residents. This, along with case studies and supporting partner profiles, helped build valuable content and paves the way for the future strategy of the site.