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NZ recruitment specialists NZ Skills In Demand asked Cherry Websites to create them a new website - mobile friendly, up-to-date, and with the ability to upload their latest jobs and news. 

This project required us to fully manage the design, copy and user-journey. The brief stated the main elements they would like to see - a job search function, case studies, and an employers section.  A lot of content existed but difficult to access as the user-journey was disorganised.

One of the big challenges was to ensure the job search would work within Squarespace functionality. The dynamic pages allow for tags and categories, which allowed for 2 categorisation factors. It also has a default time sort, and using the search functionality and preview boxes, we were able to create a robust job database which users can search by location, and job category. 

The user journey was the second challenge. We approached this from a user perspective, placing a search bar above the fold on the homepage with the call to action "Are your skills in Demand in New Zealand?" Users would immediately be able to get searching for a job, their primary reason for visiting the site, and all other content was secondary to this. 


A lot of their previous content was hidden away on PDFs - we took the most interesting and brought this to life through an 'essential info' section, so candidates could get all information in a single click, and to help the website's SEO. 

The website is mobile friendly as over 70% of traffic was from mobiles - this was an essential task and why the company asked us to create it using adaptive technology. 

We used stock photography of New Zealand to represent the job categories and breath some life and colour into the website. It's purpose was not only to display the jobs available but to excite and motivate international candidates to apply for jobs overseas.

Since launching traffic has been consistently growing, bounce rate is low and session duration is up, indicating that users are finding the site useful and they're attracting a quality audience.