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Acquiring new customers, and then retaining them, is perhaps the heart of every business growth plan. However, executing Customer Relationship Marketing can be a challenge with so many variables to take into consideration, including sources of data, channels to use, systems to use, conversion messaging, format and system integration, and how to convert those newly acquired prospects into customers.

The good news is that we are experts at CRM. We have years of experience developing customer acquisition and retention plans. We specialise in creating 'contact' strategies that optimise what to say to which customer at precisely what time to give you the best results.

We are able to carry out a review of your current CRM to see how it can work harder for you. This can include looking at individual email templates, direct mail packs, messaging plans, or databases. We can also create CRM plans from scratch, designing contact strategies, producing email templates, and setting up the entire end-to-end process.

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