Social Media Management

Social media is one of the simplest, cheapest and most cost effective methods of customer engagement. If you believe it's not working for you, then chances are you're not doing it right and need some advice.

Not every business is suited to every social channel, the trick is finding the most appropriate channel for your business, and for your audience. Generally speaking, Facebook is key for businesses looking to communicate to individuals (B2C) and LinkedIn is appropriate for businesses looking to speak to other businesses (B2B). Twitter can be used for both. And don't forget Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and a whole host of others that may just be right for your business.

Each channel has the ability to target specific audiences and tailor messages that resonate with that audience. It's important that messages are relevant, up to date, and consistent.

Our approach takes into account your current business messaging and content sources, and matches this with what your audience wants to hear. As a result we're able to create you a social media content plan that utilises all your touch points, and distributes the right information to the right audiences.

We also ensure that your channels are set up correctly, create strategies that help grow followers and likes, and set you up so that posting to your social channels in the future is a breeze.

We help our clients in lots of ways with their social media, for some we simply advise, for some we create full social plans, and for some we even write the content. Whatever you need, we're able to help. To get in touch call +44 (0)7717 576072 or use the form below.

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