It's not always easy to know exactly what you want and need. What we know, is that your business is unique, so your website will never be 'off-the-shelf'. Get in touch with us today to get a quote or just to have a chat.

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Cherry Marketing was great value for money and I’d definitely use their services again.
I knew that I needed to set up a website for my business but just didn’t have the time to sort it out. Cherry Marketing was amazing. With very little information from myself they have managed to produce a professional and concise website that reflects our practice perfectly.
— Rachael Norman, Director and Accountant, A&N Accountancy


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Managing Director Lydia Baines has a wealth of experience in direct marketing strategy for some of the UK's leading brands.

This means our approach focuses on your customer first. Instead of us spending all our time on coding and designing, we concentrate on the user-journey and making sure the customer knows who you are, what you do and where to find you.

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We are not a machine, so we will not treat you like a sausage.

We will listen to what you need and work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. This not only applies to the end product but also to the way we work - we can either do everything for you or work with you, your copy and your images to create the website you deserve.

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Our background is in marketing strategy, so we naturally approach each project with the customer in mind so that the website structure and navigation suits your target audience.

We start every site by creating a sitemap, and user journey flow. This helps structure the information into a digestible format, and makes sure that the customer's interactions within the site are optimised.

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Sites are built using the Squarespace tool, which has a very user-friendly back end. This means once the site is complete you instantly have a website you're able to manage yourself.

You'll be able to add blog posts, images, products, change detail, add detail, or remove detail. If you want to get more technical, or get someone else to help with the technical stuff, that's all straight forward too.

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Gone are the days of needing a mobile-specific website in addition to the desktop version, our sites are built to be naturally 'responsive'.

This means that the content will adapt to fit any viewing device used to visit your website - mobiles, tablets and desktops, across all models and makes. 

Search engines prioritise those sites that are mobile-friendly, and customers are less likely to leave a site that they can view and access easily on the go.

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These days a website lives and dies by its content. It's the most important factor for Search Engine Optimisation, and that's because it's the most important factor for your visitors. 

We will ensure that all your copy reflects your company proposition, that your photos look great and that you have content worth sharing.

The responsive technology used to build the site also gives it a very modern, fresh layout.



SEO can be a complicated beast, so we give you the best possible start. We ensure the copy is SEO friendly, the build is mobile optimised and the meta tags are written appropriately. 

We'll also make sure that the back-end is all linked up to Google & Yahoo, and that you have access to Google Statistics to monitor your progress.

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Social media is a vital tool to help increase your website's visibility and directs customers to your content. Once built, your site will be automatically linked up with your social networks so that you can share new blog posts easily, or so that visitors can easily share your content.

The site easily links up with Mailchimp or Excel in Google Docs so you can sign up visitors to receive newsletters, or get general enquiries directly sent to you.



Cherry Marketing Websites are predominantly built on the Squarespace Platform. This site-making software is an award-winning creative tool that allows for easy, beautiful and accessible website creations.


Each website creation starts with a template and is built from this starting platform. These templates are in essence ‘licensed’ for commercial use, so that we’re able to create beautiful, bespoke websites from them.

Behind every Squarespace website is a robust server infrastructure that can handle traffic in its millions if necessary, and offers a safe and secure environment for your website to exist.

As part of your hosting packaging, you receive 24/7 support from the Squarespace team ensuring that you always have advice and a backup when needed.

Here’s more information on Squarespace Terms of Service, and more information on Cherry Marketing's Terms of Service.